Each Conservation Adventures Club is governed by the school district to which it belongs. When a district approves a new Conservation Adventures Club, they agree to the club bylaws that spell out how the club will
function, student dues, club structure, etc. This means that individual Conservation Adventure Clubs agree to abide by the guidelines put in place by SAF, and in return they receive club support from SAF.

SAF support can include:
a) Meeting with interested advisors/school administrators to help get clubs started
b) Schedule group trainings to help advisors understand their responsibilities, inform advisors of resources
available to them, etc.
c) Provide ongoing assistance for advisors in operating the club.
d) Help facilitate activities and events with third party organizations.


Clubs in good standing are eligible, and encouraged, to use SAF resources, including:

EQUIPMENT LOANS: SAF has equipment available to registered clubs for a small fee (to cover maintenance and future replacement costs). The equipment will help the Conservation Adventures program continue to provide low-cost camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, paddle sports, shooting sports, trapping and other events to students nationwide.

FUNDRAISING: SAF provides a number of plug-and-play fundraising options, as well as guidelines and tips on how to effectively raise funds.

BRANDED ITEMS: SAF is developing a line of Conservation Adventures branded items available for purchase, including stickers, apparel, outdoor gear, etc.; some customizable items can include school or student name or
other things.

PROMOTIONAL PRICING: As clubs grow, they will likely want to purchase their own equipment. Through SAF partnerships, promotional pricing is available for almost any item.

EVENT PLANNING: SAF will provide event-planning guidelines and tips to reduce the time and energy needed to coordinate events. This will include a list of partner organizations and contacts in your area that are interested
in helping with events.

SAF EVENTS: SAF will host annual events for Conservation Adventures Clubs. Examples include, individual events (hunting, fishing, kayaking, shooting sports), Community Outdoor Days, overnight camps, week-long summer trips, individual- and club-based competitions, end of year awards, student scholarships and more.

LIABILITY INSURANCE: For certain club events and activities, SAF can provide liability insurance.

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: SAF will continue to work diligently to develop additional resources that will help both advisors and student members