The North American Model of Conservation has transformed wildlife and habitat management around the world. It is the most successful model of management in history and is critically important today where society poses many risks to wildlife and habitat globally.

The Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation has launched an exciting education initiative, called Conservation Adventures, aimed at addressing critical gaps in education as it pertains to wildlife and habitat conservation.

The goal of the program is:

1) to build a series of conservation-based educational curriculum that can be implemented in high schools across the country. Student will build a foundational understanding of wildlife conservation through their science, English and other core classes while fulfilling state requirements for graduation.

2) Concurrently, we are launching a network of high school-associated clubs that will allow students to experience outdoor recreational activities, providing a hands-on application of the principles learned from the curriculum. This approach will provide both the direct conservation education along with hands-on opportunities for students to increase their knowledge, skills and direct experience with hunting, fishing and other conservation-funding activities.

Students will come away with a foundational understanding of the critical importance of the North American Model of Conservation, its impact today and for the future of ecosystems, all while fulfilling requirements for graduation.

Conservation Adventures is an educational initiative of the Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation (SAF), a registered 501(c)3.

Support for this project was made available through a partnership with the Ohio Division of Wildlife and Pennsylvania Game Commission utilizing funds from the Wildlife Restoration program.