Budget Friendly, Consumable Textbook: A paperback, consumable textbook designed for students to read the section and complete the introductory assignment prior to class. Class time can then be spent applying the content, answering students’ questions and exploring the topic in more detail. A new edition will be published annually to ensure the content remains relevant and to respond to feedback from teachers and students. The digital version of the textbook will include links in the text to quality, related information. 

Teacher Edition Textbook: The teacher edition includes the answers to all the section questions, recommendations for class discussions and additional resources and visuals. 

Online Teacher Materials & Resources: Each teacher will have an online login that allows access to a digital version of the student and teacher textbooks, teacher materials (labs, projects, assessments, worksheets, etc.) and links to additional resources.  

Teacher Materials: We have developed supplementary teacher materials to aide in the administration of the curriculum, including labs, activities, projects, worksheets, assessments, notes and more. This online library of content will grow each year based on the feedback provided by the teachers using the curriculum.  

Teacher Resources: Additionally, we have compiled helpful resources such as existing websites for additional information on topics, relevant videos, podcasts, charts/graphs, contacts for state wildlife agencies and local conservation groups, etc. correlated to the topics in the textbook.

Ongoing Support: The staff at Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation will help organize, plan and implement course activities. This includes, but is not limited to, helping to schedule guest speakers, provide or help source the necessary equipment and supplies for various course activities and more. 

Teacher Training & Feedback: We offer in person and virtual training sessions for instructors during the summer and will also host teacher feedback sessions during the second semester to guide the next years’ version of the curriculum.  

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