“What really surprised me about the course was how in depth it was. When I started this class, my knowledge of conservation only extended to not hunting animals when they were endangered or threatened. I had no idea it actually involved hunting, trapping, and research beyond just the number of animals in an area.”

“I thought this would be my least favorite class, it ended up being my favorite class. It was eye-opening and interactive.”

“I learned a lot about what jobs you could do with conservation science and how much work is needed to keep our environment healthy.”

“I look forward to using the knowledge I learned in real life.”

“Something that really surprised me about this class was the amount of hunting, trapping, and fishing that went into conservation. I thought it would mainly just be learning about how to conserve wildlife and not include how you hunt, fish, or trap. I really enjoyed the more hands-on parts of the class like learning to fillet a real fish, actually going on the trail, and learning how to canoe, kayak, and do archery at Caesar’s Creek.”

“One of the main things I’ll take from this course is how interconnected various elements of conservation are.”

“I recommend this class to anyone who wants or needs to learn about wildlife.”

“What surprised me about this class is the fact that all the money we spend on a lot of this equipment goes back into the wildlife to help scientists and species thrive.”


“Realize that there are parts of the program that would work even in schools where students do not hunt or fish.”
–Mary Dennemann, McNicholas High School 

“Even if a teacher is not familiar with the outdoors and natural resources around us, this class will help inspire them to appreciate the outdoor world more AND help teach students valuable skills.”
–Katherine Newhouse, West Lyon High School 

“Even if you don’t plan on teaching Conservation Science as a class, it will benefit you in ANY other science or Ag class, or probably any class there is. The professional development workshop is also a great place to make contacts.”
–Bradley Sargent, Logan Elm High School 

“This curriculum covers many of the Agricultural Education standards. The portal provides areas for collaboration, networking and sharing of success stories and helpful tips.”
–Jeff Blakley, Hiland High School 

“Calvin does a good job of creating STEM lessons through his labs. The professional development class is worth the time.” 
–Tim Anderlik, Saint Edmond Catholic High School 

“Kids are loving the text and workbook style.”
–Sam Donnie, Northgate High School

“These new textbooks are awesome! Appreciate all the updates and the perforated pages!”
–Ryan Rosselet, Western Brown High School